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Construction Managers Melbourne

In the role of Construction Manager, LTC Group begins its involvement in the project during the planning and design phases and proceeds to oversee construction of the project right through until completion. This provides LTC Group with the opportunity to quantitatively and qualitatively review designs before they are finalised and to suggest design modifications to improve constructability before work packages are let.

The Construction Manger role is, by nature, one of collaboration with the owner where both parties work closely together to achieve the desired project outcomes.

Brian Tracy has famously said that “Every minute you spend in planning saves ten minutes in execution”. LTC Group echoes that sentiment, with the experience that cost savings recognised during the planning and design phases of Construction Management engagements more than offsetting the incremental cost of the Construction Management services.

LTC Group is actively seeking construction management roles for projects containing significant elements of demolition, earthworks / foundations and concrete structure.

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