Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne – T2 Satellite & Northern Infill – Construction Management

Completed June 2019Client: Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne

LTC Group has been engaged in Construction Management Consulting at Melbourne Airport.  We have been assisting in planning and programming, staging and site logistics management, delivery strategy, early and discretionary works and buildability (structural)

LTC Group has provide early scope packages and management, coordinating with APAM Operations and Environmental departments and attain permits e.g. PERCOW. We have provided advice on planning and programming of the Master Delivery Program, including trade packages, materials procurement, strategy and time frame. We have presented advice and reporting of staging and site logistics management to maintain business continuity. While offering buildability costing and sequences of deconstruction and construction of existing infrastructures. LTC Group have provided comprehensive reporting on the delivery strategy – defining early, discretionary and main works and staging them to mitigate impacts  on costs, time and reputation. LTC Group has lead and managed workshops pertaining to early works and discretionary works to APAM operations department, incumbent contractors and suppliers.