Melbourne Airport T2 Expansion

Completed February 2015Client: Lendlease

As Melbourne large-scale demolition and civil contractors, LTC Contractors was called upon to provide detail demolition services for Melbourne Airport’s T2 expansion.

As part of the $330-million project, our experienced team carried out works including large structural demolition of a 90-tonne aero bridge. This involved removing the bridge from the terminal area for dismantling elsewhere.

LTC Contractors undertook demolition works of aircraft docking slabs while the terminal remained operational, as well looking after dust control and protection of airport equipment and personnel.

Our expert civil contractors also carried out detailed demolition of facades, again while the terminal remained operational. It’s precise and thorough detailed demolition services such as what we provided for Melbourne Airport’s T2 expansion, that puts LTC Contractors┬áamong the best Melbourne large-scale demolition contractors.